Pulso | 09 April, 2018
“‘Mr. Litio’ No Pierde 
“But these figures do not scare the man known as “Mr. Lithium, “Joe Lowry. He is the president of the company Global Lithium LLC, and is considered a “guru” of white gold. He does not lose faith in the perspectives of the sector or the main companies that compose it.”

Financial Times | 27 February, 2018
Shares of Lithium Producers Rattled by Gloomy Forecast”
“Joe Lowry, a lithium consultant, says SQM has little incentive to expand beyond an extra 50,000 tonnes required by its January agreement with the regulator Corfo. “Morgan Stanley’s predictions of an additional 200,000 tonnes of supply from Chile by 2025 and a steep price decline is another demonstration…”

Epstein Research | 18 September, 2017
“New Joe Lowry Interview, Same Story, #Lithium Is HOT”
“Following Joe’s advice by paying a pretty penny for his consulting services, or following him for free on Twitter and Linked-In, is one of the absolute best ways to stay on top of the lithium sector.”

Midas Yellow | 1 October, 2017
“Global Lithium LLC CEO Joe Lowry on the 2nd Lithium Wave”
“Joe Lowry’s never short of something to say about the state of the global lithium market and the participants therein, and in this most recent video, he doesn’t disappoint. Joe talks about the opportunities in the sector, and points to the recent announcements by automakers at the Frankfürt Auto Show by Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen as evidence that demand will soon far outstrip supply.”

Reuters | 19 July, 2017
“Lithium Supply Pipeline is Filling But Will It Be Enough?”
“Joe Lowry, lithium industry consultant and commentator, takes the view that even with the recent spate of new project announcements, it is quite possible that a “supply shortage will cause significant issues in the battery supply chain by 2023.”

The Economist | 15 June, 2017
“A Battle for Supremacy in the Lithium Triangle”
“Joe Lowry, an expert on the lightest metal, expects demand to nearly triple by 2025.”

Bloomberg | 21 December, 2017
Lithium Penny Stock Delivers Dizzying Gain—With Some Promotion Behind It” 
“There’s a lot of hype and expectation that probably will never be realized, and it’s very hard for small investors to sort those out,” Joe Lowry, a lithium industry consultant and former FMC Corp. executive, said by telephone, without referring to specific companies. “Drilling a few holes doesn’t constitute an ore body. But that doesn’t stop them pumping the stock.”