Joe and Emily reveal the Global Lithium Podcast version of “March Madness.” This episode keeps it short and snappy discussing several recent developments in the lithium space.

Despite high-nickel cathode hype, lithium hydroxide prices have fallen narrowing the premium versus lithium carbonate prices.

What does the disappearance of the lithium hydroxide premium mean for players who have predicated their strategy on a continued hydroxide price gap vs carbonate (looking at you, Livent)?

SQM’s new CEO may have wished he could “take a mulligan” on the first earnings call in the top job. His confusing commentary left investors scratching their heads about whether SQM would be building up a “Strategic stockpile” or simply having continued production issues.

Emily asks the question does SQM have the ability to lead “cartel adjacent” market behavior?

By blaming his price volatility on battery innovation rather than a sub-par product, Orocobre’s new CEO fumbled in the eyes of Joe and Emily.

The Advantage CEO David Sidoo made headlines in the “Varsity Blues” pay-to-play college admissions scandal.

In the EV space, Ford’s Chairman is mulling entrance to the lithium space, Volkswagen has announced 20 more EVs to be on the road by 2025, and Chinese battery maker CATL and Tesla have announced a deal, to prompting Joe to ask: “where is all the lithium coming from?

The two close on some news from Tianqi regarding their investment in the cathode business.

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