Joe and Emily catch up with the Lithium Americas leadership team in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On this episode, LAC’s new President/COO, Jon Evans, shares some of his past experiences, including as Joe’s boss at another lithium company and his thoughts on the lithium brain drain.

John Kanellitsas and Tom Hodgson share their insight on the recent change from SQM to Ganfeng as their JV partner in the Argentina Cauchari project.  We discuss their LAC’s philosophy on team building and cherry picking talent across the lithium world.

Some listeners may notice that this episode was shorter than normal. Tom Hodgson arrived in the studio after meeting the President of Argentina with partner, Ganfeng. Since some members of the team needed to catch a flight, studio time was limited.t.

As normal in season two, the episode closes with rapid fire questions. Joe and Emily learn how to make money off of stocks, what the various lights on airplanes mean, and they find out why John Kanellitsas wants to keep the lithium industry “weird.”

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