Joe and Emily are back in Buenos Aires to record a special first anniversary episode of the Global Lithium Podcast!

Li Liangbin the Chairman of Ganfeng and Wang Xiaoshen, the Vice Chairman came to the studio to record episode 25 immediately after meeting with President Mauricio Macri to discuss the lithium market and their investments in Argentina.

Joe spent the prior two days with Messrs. Li and Wang visiting Ganfeng’s projects in Salta and Jujuy provinces. He also joined Ganfeng’s celebration with Lithium Americas at their jointly owned Minera Exar Cauchari project where the governor of Jujuy and the National Mining secretary joined in the ceremonial starting of the pump to fill the massive pond system that will likely result in Minera Exar becoming Argentina’s largest lithium producer.

This is the Global Lithium Podcast’s first bilingual episode – English and Chinese. The show has a growing audience in China and felt Mr. Li’s comments should be in his native tongue, as well as translated into English very capably by Wang Xiaoshen. The four cover Ganfeng’s early days, their rapid growth, their strategy to partner with all of the “Big 3” which ultimately led to Ganfeng becoming a major player. They then discuss why Mr. Li could never sell his “baby” and how the baby ultimately became the Yao Ming of lithium. As the episode progresses it becomes clear Joe has a lot of shared history with his friends from China.

Joe and Emily were honored that Ganfeng took time out of their whirlwind Argentina trip to spend time with them. Wang Xiaoshen gave Emily a bit of advice near the end of the episode—telling her she should spend more time in China. Time constraints limited the topics they were able to cover so Joe and Emily plan to have follow-up episode—in China.



前两天,李先生和王先生一起参观了赣锋在萨尔塔省和胡胡伊省的项目,还参加了与Lithium Americas 共同拥有的Minera Exar Cauchari项目的庆祝活动。Jujuy省长和国家矿业部长也参加了开工仪式,按下按钮向锂矿蒸发池注入第一批卤水。这个项目可能使Minera Exar成为阿根廷最大的锂生产商。

这是我们的第一部双语剧集 – 英文和中文。我们在中国的受众越来越多,我们认为李先生的评论应该用他的母语,并由王晓申先生翻译成英文。我们谈论了赣锋的早期发展,他们的快速增长,他们与所有“三巨头”合作的策略,最终赣锋成为主要参与者。我们讨论为什么李先生永远不会卖掉他的“孩子”以及这个小孩最终如何成长为锂行业中的姚明。随着本集的录制,乔与他的中国朋友也分享了很多他们过去的交集。



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