Exhausted after recording two other Global Lithium Podcast episodes (which will be coming soon), Joe and Emily do a quick recap of the biggest stories in lithium news. SQM is out and Ganfeng is in for Lithium America’s Cauchari project in Argentina. Lithium suffers from a serious “brain drain” so what does that mean for companies looking to acquire talent? There’s a new Drama in the Atacama over water rights and it will put a serious kibosh on the whole “tsunami of oversupply” idea.

Joe and Emily suspect a certain journalist in the lithium space may in fact be a bot, and react to a bit of cyberbullying. In the swag space, Emily’s forgetfulness turns into Global Lithium Podcast listeners’ lucky day. The podcast has has a new kimono/t-shirt style koozies that can be yours! Just leave the Global Lithium Podcast a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts, take a screenshot, and send it to globallithiumpodcast@gmail.com!

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