The Global Lithium Podcast team convenes for an emergency session to address the pain being felt in the stock market by lithium investors. Joe and Emily take a look at FMC’s quarterly earnings call, specifically whether increased prices or volume from the Argentina operation have led to increased revenue(*spoiler alert* – it’s prices). We review Orocobre’s claim that “if desired,” they could produce 100% “battery grade” onsite. Our main story is the bloodbath lithium stocks are experiencing in the market and an examination of potential causes, including oversupply fears, price concerns, short term trading, EV demand, Chinese subsidies, and global macro conditions. We do some dramatic reading from a recently released report by the “Mad Macqs” from Macquarie that refers to a “Lithium Thunderdome” that is “sleepwalking into a tsunami of supply”. Joe and Emily conclude by congratulating Cailin Lowry on getting close to reaching her fundraising goal for her short film The Society. If you haven’t contributed yet, what are you waiting for? Get on it!

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