The Global Lithium Podcast has crossed another country off the list! While Joe stayed in the United States, Emily temporarily left Argentina to remotely record on Irish soil. Thanks to the help of Dermot Fitzpatrick, the acting Irish Ambassador to Argentina, Emily recorded Episode 9 at the Ireland Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aside from the unique logistics, Episode 9 also provides listeners with a variety of insights on updates within the lithium industry. Emily and Joe review Joe’s latest LinkedIn article and debate the factors that caused FMC Lithium to lose its place in the top three. From the present state of battery grade lithium to a possible Feasibility Study on Galaxy’s Sal De Vida project, they also answer listener questions. Finally, at the end of the episode they reveal how a listener can get a free Global Lithium hat and join the coveted Lithium Glitterati!

How to join the Glitterati and win a Global Lithium hat:
1) Write a review on iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts.
2) Take a screenshot of your review.
3) Email the screenshot to
4) Write your review and email your screenshot by Friday, May 18.
5) The Global Lithium Podcast team will selected two random winners!*
***As a winner, you promise to wear your Global Lithium hat as often as you can. We’re talking about wearing it in the summer and in the winter. Also, anytime someone asks you about podcasts, should mention your passion for the Global Lithium Podcast. Finally, you agree to bother Lithium Americas about their lack of hats.

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