In a dramatic first episode of season three of the Global Lithium Podcast, Joe and Emily start off by discussing social unrest in Chile and electoral change in Argentina. We are joined by former podcast guest Daniel Jimenez to give us a boots on the ground view of what is happening in Chile, and Emily weighs on on what Macri’s loss will mean for lithium in Argentina. Joe gives his thoughts on Tianqi – specifically regarding  Tianqi’s comment that short supply from the Greenbushes mine in Australia impacted their quarterly results. Next he moves on to Albemarle and the continued poor performance at La Negra in Chile. 

We head across the Andes to Argentina and weigh in on Posco’s recent “inspection” of the Korean company’s project on the Salar de Hombre Muerto, and use the conversation to segway into what’s happening at Galaxy – and what their future may hold.

We discuss over-hyped news that Rio Tinto is entering the lithium space, given their project is reprocessing tailings from production of another product and the expected output is marginal. We wonder aloud why a mining major is starting so small. 

Despite the current pricing conditions, the hype over projects alleged to be “the sistine chapel of lithium” or “preparing for world battery metal domination” hasn’t died off, and end the serious discussion by reviewing a big bank report that contemplates if the bottom of the lithium market is at hand.

The episode closes with some rapid fire questions.

Don’t miss Joe’s new “no fuss” Global Lithium Q&A Podcast, where he will be giving feedback on upcoming quarterly results calls.

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