Joe and Emily are joined by the Benchmark Minerals team of Simon Moores and Andy Miller in James Bond’s hometown of London, England for a cheeky game of Simon Says. In perhaps their most comprehensive episode yet, the four start by discussing the definition of “lithium” as it relates to price.

From there, they discuss prices inside and outside China, and differences by contract length and other variables.

Next they get into why “lithium spot price” is a misnomer, and how prices are determined.

The London conversation then moves on to lithium contracts, markets, and the prices stakeholders should be paying attention to. The conclusion is that so called spot prices in China aren’t a great bellweather for the industry price as a whole. They then discuss the outlook for the hydroxide and carbonate markets, and what needs to happen for a true “benchmark”price to emerge. Simon shares a lithium-inspired James Bond plot, and the Benchmark Boys don’t leave empty-footed.

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