Joe and Emily cover a lot of ground on this remote episode of the Global Lithium Podcast. Western Australia is trying to roll out its own version of Silicon Valley, with a moniker of “Lithium Valley,” but Joe and Emily think this is a whiteboard exercise that’s a bit premature. Morgan Stanley, the famous lithium “bear” is now a significant holder of Galaxy — and maybe more lithium stocks (intentional manipulation or a change of heart?). Goldman Sachs has emerged as the surrogate for reason, but Joe and Emily still prefer Nomura’s analysts.

In other news, Galaxy released a quarterly report and Piedmont released a positive scoping study. Peter Ker of the Australian Financial Review takes home the coveted “Sensational Headline” award and could probably brush up on Galaxy’s analysis himself. Volkswagon has announced plans to build Electric Vehicles in the USA. BMW may deepen its relationship with battery producer CATL.

Joe is channeling his inner “Dr. Bitran” by growing a beard, as the Drama in the Atacama deepens. Joe and Emily continue to delineate “battery quality” from the misnomer “battery grade,” and they respond to yet another Tesla question. Finally the two discuss their upcoming trip to London to check out the LME’s attempts to standardize a lithium contract. Rather than wax poetic regards for more swag, they fondly reminisce about Beers with the Global Lithium Podcast. They also ask listeners to support former podcast guest Cailin Lowry and her film project The Society.

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