Get ready for the Lowry Family Special.

Chris Berry, from episode 1, is back and the bobsled team may morph into multiple luge participants. Erin Lowry (Broke Millennial), Joe’s eldest daughter, shares how her career as a financial expert began with “The Candy Tax.” Essentially, her father levied on the fruits of his daughters’ Halloween candy. Chris has a 10 and 6-year-old daughter, so he is taking notes.

In addition to literally taking candy from babies, Joe also moved his entire family to an opposite end of the world. During her first trip to Japan, a 9-year-old version of Erin had an early brush with swag. She even created a “Confucian Swag Generator” – until dad butted in. Upon hearing of the impending move to Japan, Erin pulled a “fainting couch” on the chaise lounge. His youngest daughter, Cailin Lowry, thought the family was moving to Peter Pan and the fictional world of Neverland, rather than Japan. Caitlin also did “planking” before it was cool. Despite the travel agenda, Joe Lowry never missed a basketball game or a play (even if he fell asleep at these events).

After Joe rejected an offer to move to China in favor of a return to North Carolina, he was outvoted by the women in his life and the family moved to Shanghai. Although she’s lived all over the world, Cailin still has continuing terror anytime she comes into contact with 13-year-old girls. Cailin and Erin share how it was to describe that their dad was an expert in the lightest element on the periodic table. Cailin also theorizes that the whole lithium thing may be part of a deep government cover story, furthered by Dad’s similarities to Jack Bauer, from the suspense program 24. Connie Lowry shares the trials and tribulations of being the cameraperson for Joe’s social media career. Erin shares her memories from “take your daughter to work day” and Chris admits that in his daughter’s eyes his job is: “talking on the phone angrily shouting “blah blah blah.”

Erin helped Joe get on social media – but he evidently hasn’t followed all of her advice regarding decorum. Connie has worked hard to keep Joe in Global Lithium swag. When the Lowrys came back to the USA, Erin underwent “repatriation training,” where they informed her that the USA was not Asia. All in all, it was a whole unit train of love for the group.

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