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The Best, The Worst, The First

How did two lawyers from Buenos Aires become experts at handling layers of culture from foreign countries to the different provinces in Argentina? Hernan Celorrio and Ignacio Celorrio, of Alfaro Law, give their advice on how companies can avoid mining mistakes in Argentina. As the two mention, any press release your company publishes overseas will be covered (and probably poorly translated) in a local newspaper.

Join Joe and Emily as they interview another father-son duo for this special Father’s Day Edition of the Global Lithium Podcast. The two Americans unequivocally think that Argentina should NOT make batteries. The two Argentines believe some companies are happy to invest in a lawsuit, rather than develop a real project. As Ignacio points out to listeners, “When a real problem comes around, stupid people get out.”

E12: Podcast in the Dark – The Son Also Rises

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Joe and Emily attended the 2018 Panorama Minero Lithium Conference in Salta, Argentina. Aside from eating empanadas by the handfuls, the two recorded Episode 11 of the Global Lithium Podcast with three other guests! The two were joined by Dr. Daniel Galli, Carlos Galli, and David Guerrero Alvarado.  Daniel and Carlos are a father-son duo working in Argentina’s lithium industry. If our third guest seems familiar, David was featured in “Episode 4: “The Last Samurai of Brine.

From mining accidents, to Argentina’s future with lithium, and scientific explanations, this episode is action-packed. Take a listen and tune in next week for an additional episode of the podcast. As always, if you have any questions for the Global Lithium Podcast hosts, feel free to ask away at

E11: Lithium Family Values in Argentina

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What a week for the lithium industry. For episode 10, Emily and Joe provide an in-depth analysis on Nemaska’s financing. This action packed episode of the podcast also covers the Kidman and Tesla deal, the Nomura Report, and gives listeners an additional update about the latest drama in the Atacama.

Joe also discusses his policy for reading lithium information found online. Young millennials (like Emily) may automatically trust everything on the internet, but Joe reminds listeners to fact check and verify the origin of all lithium related news. In a new segment for the podcast, Joe and Emily present the worst lithium articles published this week.

If you want to find out who won our hat giveaway, stick around till the end! Like always, questions for Emily and Joe can be asked at

E10: Lithium News, Myths and Bad Commentary

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The Global Lithium Podcast has crossed another country off the list! While Joe stayed in the United States, Emily temporarily left Argentina to remotely record on Irish soil. Thanks to the help of Dermot Fitzpatrick, the acting Irish Ambassador to Argentina, Emily recorded Episode 9 at the Ireland Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aside from the unique logistics, Episode 9 also provides listeners with a variety of insights on updates within the lithium industry. Emily and Joe review Joe’s latest LinkedIn article and debate the factors that caused FMC Lithium to lose its place in the top three. From the present state of battery grade lithium to a possible Feasibility Study on Galaxy’s Sal De Vida project, they also answer listener questions. Finally, at the end of the episode they reveal how a listener can get a free Global Lithium hat and join the coveted Lithium Glitterati!

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E9: Lithium Q&A Plus Our “Spin” on FMC

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This is part two of the Global Lithium Podcast’s trip to China. Continuing with the cathode discussion from “Episode 7: Deak Dynasty,” Joe and Emily looked at the use of lithium for nanotechnology. The two spoke to Dan Blondal and Yingzi Feng of Nano One Materials. Nano One is a Canadian-based tech company that uses a three-stage industrial process to produce nanostructure composite materials. The four discussed the science behind batteries, the future for this technology, and they shared their tips for making a “lithium sandwich.”

Like the episode title? Joe says it’s “a word play on the nanotechnology world.” ?

View photos from the Global Lithium Podcast’s experience in China.

Episode 8: It’s a Small World After All

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Question: What do cathodes and the Olympics have in common?
Answer: Doping!

Emily and Joe traveled to Shangai, China, to record two episodes of the Global Lithium Podcast. For the first episode in this series, the two spoke with Dr. David Deak, the CTO at Lithium Americas and the President of Lithium Nevada. The three discussed Lithium Americas Corp., Tesla, lithium ion batteries, and the future for electric vehicles.

As always, if you have any questions for the Global Lithium Podcast hosts, feel free to ask away at

Episode 7: Deak Dynasty

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In between packing their bags for their upcoming trip to China, Joe and Emily remotely recorded another episode of the Global Lithium Podcast. Aside from Emily attempting to teach Joe a few phrases in Chinese, episode six features some seriously big industry updates. On the investing end, the two share their opinions on Nemaska’s financing needs and Softbank’s future strategy. A new report from Industrial Minerals also indicates that there may be some additional drama in the Atacama. Finally, our hosts close this episode by providing a preview itinerary for their trip to China. The next few episodes will be recording while our hosts are abroad. If you have a question for these next few episodes ask away at

Episode 6: Weathering the Lithium Storm

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Emily and Joe, abandoned by their GenZer talent for spring break, take on their first remote podcast from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Charlotte, North Carolina respectively. They catch up on news in the lithium space, including BMW’s big turnaround decision to not directly invest in lithium assets, versus automakers like Toyota’s strategy.  We chat about the status of Gangfeng’s and Tiang’s IPOs in Hong Kong, and urban mining and ecosystem are still the watch words. Over on the Chilean side of the Andes, Mr. Dr. Bitran has left Corfo and Canadian PotashCorp has not yet sold its stake in SQM. Joe channeled his inner Kim Kardashian when he broke the internet by publishing his new supply and demand forecasts through 2025. Joe differs from the “flood forecasters” at Morgan Stanley and others on what’s going to come out of the Atacama but agrees with Albemarle and others on a few things. Piedmont sets the bar with the “Manhattan Project of Swag”. Emily may be suffering long term skin damage for lack of her Lithium Americas hat. Joe and Emily will be coming at you from China in April, where they’ll catch up with … and check out conversion capacity and cathode manufacturing in person.

Episode 5: Flying Blind, 5030 miles (or 8090 km) apart

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Emily and Joe are joined by David Guerrero Alvarado, a man who might be better known as the “the brine foot soldier.” The three recorded this episode in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aside from detailing David’s experience with a missing passport, the three give their thoughts on Chile, Morgan Stanley’s lithium analysis, and the outgoing face of CORFO. The end of this episode features a quirky and informative audience Q&A section. If you have a question for Episode 5, ask away at

Episode 4: The Last Samurai of Brine

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Joe and Emily are joined in Perth by Neometals, where they discuss the lithium supply chain, and what exactly is meant by upstream and downstream. They cover the cost curve and “urban mining” via recycling battery materials. Joe comments on the “indigestion” in the supply chain, and the purgatory of the lithium industry. How many hydroxide plants will we see in The Great Oz? Will SQM’s deal with Corfo flood the market? Is there a coming disconnect between spodumene concentrate & lithium chemicals pricing. Will DSO ever make it to the Emerald City?

Episode 3: The Wizards of Oz

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Joe and Emily are in in Santiago, Chile, where the drama surrounding SQM and Corfo is unfolding prior to a presidential election. Joe makes a new best lithium friend in Julio Ponce. Joe and Emily are joined by Matt Craze to discuss the lithium royalty schemes affecting SQM and Albemarle, as well as SQM’s strategy as a global mining company.

Episode 2: Drama in the Atacama

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Joe Lowry and Emily Hersh are joined by Chris Berry in Buenos Aires, Argentina to kick off the world’s first global lithium podcast and “tell it like it is”. We look at Argentina’s recent political changes, and what that means to the lithium world. We cover FMC, Lithium Americas, and why Joe doesn’t not want the Clayton Valley for Christmas, as well as Joe’s take on strategic locations and the global lithium supply chain.

Episode 1: The Jamaican Bobsled Team of Lithium

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